The Tennessean: Aaron Tippin Releases 25th Anniversary Album,Wine

Mar 3 | Posted by: AT Team

How do you celebrate 25 years on the job? If you're country singer Aaron Tippin, you release a commemorative blackberry wine and a double album filled with past hits and what he hopes will be new favorites.

"Twenty-five years … I can't believe that I lived that long, that the career lived that long," Tippin said. "It's awesome." Available now at, "Aaron Tippin 25" consists of 10 radio hits, 10 new songs and five songs from outside of the country genre.

The hits include "You've Got to Stand for Something," "My Blue Angel" and "Kiss This." Tippin called the new songs a "hodge-podge of a lot of things." "There are several songs that talk about Aaron Tippin and who he is in life and how he feels and what he thinks," Tippin said. "We've been working on this project for five or six years. I'm real anxious for this album to get out and for everybody to see what they like on it."

The album also features an appearance from Tippin's 14-year-old son Tom Tippin on "Let's Stay Together." The singer said his wife Thea Tippin is mostly responsible for nudging his son down a musical path, but said he couldn't be more proud. "That's kind of cool, that I got to add him on this album," Aaron Tippin said. "He's hell-bent on being a singer. His plan is to go to Belmont and study music. (Music) is all he does. I would say that he's got the bug."

The country singer's wine — a blackberry wine dubbed Aaron Tippin Country Jam — is available from Crossville's Stonehaus Winery in liquor stores. The singer prefers a red wine, but said the blackberry was made with his fans in mind. "About the first 15 years or so of my career, I forgot to enjoy it," Aaron Tippin said. "I just had my head down running as hard as I could go. I never looked up. I never smelled the roses. Not this time. This time we're enjoying every single minute."

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