Aaron Tippin is Bringing Country Music To Japan and U.S. Military Bases in Korea

Sep 16 | Posted by: Bombplates
Nashville, TN ---Every year in the month of October, Japanese country music fans gather in the volcano town of Kumamoto, Japan for the "Country Gold Festival".   This year Aaron Tippin will be headline the 25th Anniversary of that event. Other artists include  Daryle Singletary, Anita Cochran, Robyn Young and Charlie Nagatani & The Cannonballs.

This tour is two-fold.  On his 12 day tour, Tippin will perform for the diehard country music fans in Japan and then head over to Korea to entertain U.S. military.   Expected attendance for the Country Gold Festival which is held at Aspecta at the base of Mt. Aso (an active volcano) will be over 5,000. The “Country Gold Festival” is the only annual country music festival in Japan. Judy Seale International is the exclusive U.S producer for the “Country Gold” event and has been since its inception in 1989.

Following his performance in Japan, Tippin will visit U.S. Military Troops deployed to Korea.   Armed Forces Entertainment (AFE) sponsors the tour for the troops to Korea in conjunction with Stars for Stripes.   Performances will be held at at Army and Air Force installations throughout the entire Peninsula.
Tippin's first tour for the troops was at the invitation of the legendary Bob Hope in 1990 during the first Gulf War. He followed up a few years later with a tour to Afghanistan and Qatar.  From 2005-2011, Aaron spent his Thanksgiving holidays entertaining troops in either Iraq or Afghanistan. During December 2012, he entertained troops in the Netherlands and Germany. 
To find out more about the artist, visit www.aarontippin.com.


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 ABOUT ARMED FORCES ENTERTAINMENT: Armed Forces Entertainment is the official Department of Defense agency for providing entertainment to U.S. military personnel serving overseas, with priority given to those in contingency operations and at remote and isolated locations. The Department of the Air Force is the executive agent of Armed Forces Entertainment. Founded in 1951, Armed Forces Entertainment brings a touch of home to more than 500,000 troops annually, embracing the best of Americana that stretches across all genres of entertainment. Visit www.armedforcesentertainment.com for more information.
 ABOUT STARS FOR STRIPES, INC.:  Stars for Stripes, Inc., is a 501-C-3 non-profit corporation dedicated to providing quality celebrity entertainment to U.S. Military and their families deployed overseas.  For further information, visit:  www.starsforstripes.com
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