Aaron Tippin at Choctaw, always a class act

Sep 23 | Posted by: Bombplates

Aaron Tippin brought his unique and always great show to Choctaw Casino’s Event Center in Grant, Okla. Sept. 13, 2014,  and played to a packed house full of appreciative fans. The self-declared Fred Sanford clone, he kept the crowd laughing with the stories he told and the expressions and swish used in the telling. And the musicians behind him were just as amazing, sharing antics with him and with each other as they banged out tunes on bass, keyboard, steel, fiddle, electric guitar, and drums. For the last song, his two-song encore, Tippin also played guitar.

Always a favorite with Tippin’s audience is when he assembles a child’s bicycle as he sings, and gets it completed during the one song. Then, the bike is presented to the U.S. Marine Corp’s Toys for Tots campaign. In this instance, two marines were brought to stage front and given the bicycle, but not before the crowd stood in applause for them and the military in general. “See,” Tippin smiled as the audience continued clapping for the marines, “This is what your country thinks of you!” Tippin added that, to the best of the band’s knowledge, they have given more than 2, 000 bicycles to Toys for Tots campaigns across the U.S.

Most, not all, of Tippin’s songs were inspired, he said, by his father, and listening to the words brought that to full awareness. Give a listen to “He Believed,” for example, the song which Tippin said is his ever-favorite.

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