November is Epilepsy Awareness

Oct 29 | Posted by: AT Team
November is Epilepsy Awareness month here in the US. So to take advantage of all of the publicity and awarness that will go on in general, Joey's Song is going to create our own NOvember/NOseizures campaign.
We will be promoting all of our CDs and having digital downloads available at special prices ($5 for a CD and all 6 Joey's Song CDs for just $20). We have created a special landing page for the promotion ( .
Here is what you can do to help :
1) Twitter : Each day we will feature 5 artists - approximately one from each CD - and tweet out to "you" a message to remind your fans via retweet of the CDs and the special promotional prices. All you need to do is retweet our message out to your fans.
2) Facebook: Very much like twitter, we will do the same 5 featured artists daily and include your Facebook name in the post. If you can then in turn "share" our post via Facebook, it will also help us spread the word.  If you have control of the page, you can also “pin” the post and it will remain at the top of the page ensuring maximum exposure to fans when they visit.
Want to do more ?
3) Newsletter : For many artists, regular email newsletter are still very popular. If you still use them and want to feature our NOvember promotion here is sample text - short and sweet.
As you all know, <insert name here> donated a song to Joey's Song, a charity that uses music to fight epilepsy and help special needs children. November is epilepsy awareness month and Joey's Song is having a special sale on digital downloads to help celebrate the month. Please visit and click on the NOvember/NOseizures button and you will be able to get any of the great Joey's Song CDs, including the one we/I am on for only $5, or you can get all 5 Joey's Song CDs for just $15. Great music for a great cause at an unbeatable price. I/we support Joey's Song and we hope you will too.
4) If you can put our logo on your webpage, with a link to ( it helps drive traffic to our page and shows your fans you support us.
5) Lastly, please make sure you "like" Joey's Song on Facebook  ( ) and follow us on Twitter 
( @joeyssong ), that way your fans can see you support us across the board.
Attached you will also find the files of various artwork to help with any efforts you have, CD covers, the Joey's Song logo, etc.

Thank you for always being there for us and please know you are helping us make a difference.

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