Claudette Fulton - Fan of the Week!

Jan 15 | Posted by: AT Team |

The picture is of me, Claudette Fulton and my son, Mike, at his halloween party this year. Having lost 170 pounds, I won a day of workout with you in Colusa, CA at Colusa Casino over 5 years ago. You were so kind and nonjudgmental, giving me tips to get rid of the angel wings. Unfortunately, they are still there, but I don't care, they are my reminder and I refuse to have them removed surgically.

I have had two knee replacements and am on the go all the time. I am smaller than I was in high school. I am now nearly 69 and feel 29ish. I sing for the elderly at the rest home in Willows on Wednesdays, retired from DMV as an administrative hearing officer, and am busy creating wonderful Scrimshaw items and scrimshawing my husbands handmade knives.

I travel around a lot to trade and craft shows. I did a knife show in Meridian, Idaho in September and stopped by the Jackpot, NV casino, Cactus Petes', where you'll be playing in January 2016. What a coincidence. Again, thanks for inspiring me to GET HEALTHY.  

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