Amy Kuperus - Fan of the Week!

Feb 12 | Posted by: AT Team |

Proud military wife:

It is with great excitement that I write this... today I get to enjoy a concert by you with my wonderful husband. 

This picture was taken this summer at the local small town celebration in Battle Creek, Iowa (I'm an Iowa girl, but reside in Sioux Falls now).  As I enjoyed the concert I was experiencing guilt, a part of my heart was thousands of miles away serving our country. I stood there soaking up a wonderful concert and wishing my husband could experience it with me.. Knowing it would be several months before I could see him again.... Little did I know on the 4th of July my wish would be granted today as we prepare to see you in Sioux Falls.   

I am a proud military wife and I look forward to sharing time today with my husband by my side, enjoy each moment together blessed by your music. Thank you for allowing one of my dreams to come true in sharing your talents with my husband next to me surrounded by our military family. 

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