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Apr 3 | Posted by: AT Team |

First time I saw Aaron was in the early 90's at Ponderosa Park in Ohio. There was a big white box in the middle of the stage he came out of, he dressed in white and was sinnging Hank Williams Sr. songs. I was hooked from the start. Since then I have seen him all up and down the east coast, from New York to North Carolina. You never know what to expect from him and the guys. I have seen him come on stage many differant ways, from the phone booth, to pused in a bed , running on stage wearing a robe and pink slippers carrying a hair dryer, and even in a POW tractor trailer.

I always tell people when he comes on stage and turns his hat around hang on because he will take you for a journey you will never forget. One of the best things I love about Aaron and the guys is that they do not put themselves above anyone. They are very down to earth and friendly people.They used to call me the "Wine Lady" because at least once a yeare I take them a case of local wine from our area. My favorite song is "He Belived" and I try to live by one of the lines in that song " You've got to stand for something" and " What ever you do today you'll have to sleep with tonight."

I love the philosiphy behind the statements he makes. I have also had the pleasure of meeting his two sons, Tomas and Teddy, and am very anxious to hopefully someday meet his wife Thea and his daughter Charla. If you haven't seen Aaron you don't know what you are missing. Get out there and check him and the boys out and let me know what you think.

My 100th Aaron show was on August 30, 2012. But i can promise you it wont be my last.

Nancy Rose

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