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May 8 | Posted by: AT Team |

Dearest  Aaron Tippin, Sammy Kershaw  & Collin Raye,

I am so extremely excited to be writing the three of you and hope that it somehow makes it to! Even more excited is to be attending your Boots and Roots concert this Saturday at the Edmonton Expo Centre!

I live in Barrie Ontario and my Best friend Angela is from Ontario as well however is currently living in Leduc Alberta.  I lived in Leduc for 4 years where I met my husband and eventually we moved back to Ontario to be close tour families.

My best friend and I are kindred spirits, birthdays three days apart, have always been that one person for each other who would always understand even if the whole world didn’t, and the one thing that has always kept us close no matter the miles has been our undeniable LOVE for Country music since we were just teenagers!!

It is very expensive to fly back and forth between Toronto and Edmonton usually close to $900 round trip and so between our busy lives, careers and cost we have not seen each other in almost two years since she left for Alberta.  

A few weeks ago she called me in tears, some friends she has made out there were planning a little Baby Shower for her and she realized I wasn’t going to be there. We have always done everything together always been there for the BIG moments and this time I wouldn’t be there.

I struggled with what I could send out to her for her baby shower, something to make her feel better to make it feel like I was there…I thought and I thought and while on the internet I saw the Roots and Boots Tour coming to Edmonton on May 9th the day of the shower!!!

I knew right away what better gift to give her from me than baby’s first Country concert with three amazing Country super star legends such as you guys!!

Then I thought wait a minute what was I thinking there is NO WAY I am going to let her go and watch you guys without her side kick...ME!! I am not missing that!!!

So my flight is booked and I fly out Friday afternoon to surprise her on Saturday morning at her baby shower with 5th row tickets to ROOTS and BOOTS and a suite at the River Cree!!!

I just wanted to say thanks for bringing your show to Edmonton and making this amazing moment happen for my friend and I…and if you get this and it isn’t too much trouble would you give a little shout out to ANGELA  CREGAN on the birth of her first baby, I know it would just be the cherry on top so to speak and would mean the world to me!!

Looking forward to watching you guys preform so many incredible hits and I will tell her to make sure she doesn’t get too excited over you guys and go into labour in the middle of your performance!! Lol

Best wishes,

Alyssa White

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