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Jun 12 | Posted by: AT Team |

Hi ........and where do I begin??
Aaron asked for us to write, what song impacted our life!!

Well here goes.......It all started when our 4-5 year old son, John" fell in love with "There Ain't nothin wrong with the radio".  He loved Aaron's "guns" is what he called his arm muscles! I had taped Aaron on The Vicki Lawrence show and another show, and John would watch them for hours and do the motions with the song!  Well, thanks to John ..we all started loving your music! We decided to surprise John and take him to see Aaron at the Little Nashville in Indiana.  John always wore a flat top cause Aaron Tippin did! :) Good ole Aaron picked him out of the crowd (luckily) and rubbed his flat top and away we went on this incredible journey!!
We went to the Indiana State Fair, went down to Little Nashville again to celebrate John graduating from High School(picking up the Cracker Barrel CD on the way). John wanted Alyssa(his fiancĂ©e at the time,now his wife) to go to an Aaron Tippin concert and meet him! So we all went to Warrin Indiana, so she could hear "good music" and meet who John looked up to so much!  John had Aaron Tippin songs played at his wedding, and Aaron Tippin graciously has signed John&Alyssas' wedding pic!!  This is one family that has grown up with Aaron Tippin and our love has never faded!!
Aaron, as for your music......I don't think words can express the love and passion we have for you, your music and your family!!
We try and see you at least 4 times a year!! As for the song that impacts each one of us the most.....John-Ain't Nothing Wrong With The Radio, Dan-He Believes, Let's stay together,  Eric-Where The Stars and Stripes and The Eagle Flies, as for me....You've Got To Stand for Something, That's as Close as I'll Get to Loving You, On This Side of Life, God's Not Through With Me Yet and House of the Lord!!  And now our 21/2 year old grand daughter Kaylen-loves The Chicken Song!!

Your music is so true!! We try and live by it every day!! You have to work Hard and Earn it! We love our Country and Proud of it!! And we Thank our Mighty Lord every day!! And Blessed to have our family!! You don't just talk the walk...You Truly walk it!!  Every time we get to see you in concert and meet and talk with you, you are so gracious and fun! Thank You Aaron Tippin for 25 years of GREAT music, being an Example, a great husband, father and a man of a GOD!!

Always looking forward to the next time we get to see you!! Enjoying your music everyday, (we have "The 25 CD's) signed and in everyone of our vehicles! We don't go anywhere without our Aaron Tippin!! You really have IMPACTED our family for 25 years!! Looking forward to MANY MORE and feeling Blessed to call you our friend!!

Sincerely your Fans Forever!!
May GOD continue to Bless you and your family!
Sorry, I may have gotten a little lengthy!  
Tamme Jenkins and family
8742 E 500 N
Greenfield IN 46140

I'm only sending a couple pics of my SEVERAL! :)
Indiana State Fair

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