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Oct 2 | Posted by: AT Team |

Roots & Boots Tour 2015 - The Great Frederick Fair in Frederick, MD 09/24/2015
What an AWESOME show!!!!
After the show, we left the grand stands area, not realizing that the guys would come back out and mingle with what fans were still there (about 95% had left after the show). While we were walking towards the parking lot to leave, my son (12 years old) said, "wouldn't it be amazing to meet those guys? I hope I get to meet them one day...we just have to figure out how!"  So, I decided to take the kids around to a grass area behind the stage, where the buses park and a fence separates the infield grass area from the stage area. The kids were hanging onto the hope that one of the guys would see them standing there and come out of the bus. The door to Sammy Kershaw's bus opens and out walks his keyboardist Steve. Steve informed us that Aaron & Sammy were out of the buses and talking to fans that were still inside and escorted us back in & over to where they were.  Aaron was absolutely GREAT with the kids; talked to them & answered questions, signed autographs for them and took pictures with all of us. My daughter (15 years old) hugged him and he told her she is a pretty young & he just might have a son for her! LOL, he was so funny! When it was my turn, he grabbed my phone & said let's do a "selfie" and took our picture! 
I know those guys travel a lot and get tired under those hot stage lights. I can't thank Aaron enough for taking the time to hang out after the show.  He is such a down to earth, nice guy and a good ol' boy!  And my goodness he's comical and funny!  Those few minutes of his time created a memory that will last a life time for myself & especially my kids. My kids woke up for school this morning and looked through there pictures again to make sure it was real and that it really happened and wasn't just a dream! 
Thank You Aaron Tippin - You are the BEST!!!

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