Joana & Diana Ganey - Selfie Contest Winners!!

Oct 13 | Posted by: AT Team |

Fans like Joana & Diana Ganey are the reason artists like Aaron Tippin do what they do. 

The Ganey's Testimony: 

"Diana and I are the biggest Aaron Tippin fans on the planet," said Joana. "Just this past weekend we went to Stonehaus Winery and purchased Aaron Tippin's Blackberry Wine. The wine is delicious! We've also purchased Aaron Tippin Nutrition Daily Defense Greens, all of his cds, shirts, hats etc. Anything that Aaron comes out with, we buy. Love his new cd!! We hope you can see the Aaron Tippin guitar picks earrings that we are wearing. Also, the posters and pictures in the background of Aaron. We Love Aaron Tippin!!!"

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