Gordon Musgrove Jr. - Fan of the Week!

Oct 16 | Posted by: AT Team |


Please let Mr.Tippin know my wife and I's story and how two of his songs have helped us get through some tough times in our marriage. We have had rough times for a few years in our relationship and loved each other very much, but almost divorced once during that time. Well about six months ago in our process of working on things I sent her two of Aaron's songs to try and communicate my feelings to her (when emotions and feelings are high, we often communicate via music and text so we don't argue). These two songs were "A Door" and "Whole Lotta Love on the Line." We both have these songs on our phones and CDs and we catch each other listing to them often ... they have become almost like our common anthem to remind us of what we have and where we are going in our relationship. 

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