Lori - Fan of the Week!

Dec 18 | Posted by: AT Team |

   I should be Aaron Tippin’s fan of the week for three reasons:

The first being my love of his music.  It speaks loudly to me personally.

From his older hits such as Stars and Stripes which makes me very proud as an American to his latest single God’s Not Through With Me Yet. A position to which I fully subscribe.

 It’s so very accessible to people from every walk of life. Particularly those of us who work for a living.

Secondly I have witnessed firsthand Aaron’s love and respect for those around him. Including those he employs.

 On his hiring of my husband Doug as his Tour Manager last year I saw how he places his faith, respect and yes, patience in those he selects to help guide his career.

While not a voiceless pushover artist he allows his professionals the space to do what they do so well. This breathing room has those in his employ ready and looking forward to climbing back on that bus to bring the music to the people.

Aaron is a man whose music and passion for life in general is something I really admire.


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